Quinta De Linhares

As the weather warms up, you may find yourself walking into a wine shop and instinctively grabbing for a tall, thin bottle, anticipating the satisfaction of the light, bubbly, crisp white wine known as Vinho Verde.  Among the best choices you could make would be to grab a bottle from Quinta De Linhares, which is located in the Vinho Verde region, the largest and among the most fertile growing regions of Portugal.  

The climate in the Northwest of the country is cooler and wetter than most, creating these easy drinking wines with freshness and fragrant, ocean-influenced notes.  It is the perfect drink on a summer afternoon, and can also take you into the evening by becoming a fantastic dinner wine.

Quinta De Linhares produces a range of widely acclaimed Vinhos Verdes, produced exclusively with grapes from a 21 hectare vineyard here. The dominant grape varieties are Loureiro, Avesso, Azal and Arinto.